Satoshi-Fragrance Friday


Fragrance Friday! Day of the week where we highlight a Bento blend and go into depth about it.

I thought we'd start going through our Bento Box characters more in depth, their "personalities" and why we named them what we named them!

Today we're going talk about Satoshi. He's our sake bottle, but don't worry, this blend doesn't smell like sake. It is our secret blend of a fruity, candy-like, drink with a touch of effervescence. It's a perfect fragrance for ending spring and leading into summer. This blend was once named Sake To Me, which has been one of our best sellers.

Satoshi's name means quick witted and wise, which is fitting since he's our old, wise sake bottle. He pretends to be grumpy, but he's sweet as can be once he warms up to you. You'll actually catch him sneaking treats to Debu and Hōyō from time to time when no ones looking.

That's it for this week's Fragrance Friday! We'll post again next week with our next Bento Box character!