Tips & Wicks- Wax Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone!
From this point on, every Wednesday is going to be our "Wax Wednesday" here on the Bento Wax Co blog. It'll be a chance for us to high light or talk to you guys about wax melts or candles!

As some of you may already know, we have been testing a candle formula for our Bento Wax Co line of candles for a couple of months. Now you see these two candles? They look the same right? They're actually made with almost 95% of the same ingredients andmaterials. Same wax blend, same jar, heck even same kind and same amount of fragrance oil!

The two differing factors of what we're going to talk about today is their wicks. These two candles have all the same qualities except for their wicks means they will both perform COMPLETELY different. A wick will effect how a candle performs throw wise, if it will melt hot enough to give you a clean pool, and if will it melt too hot to where it give off too much soot.

How do we decide what wicks to test? Well, we start with research. We take the wax that we're testing with, research and read up on which wicks would be best paired with that wax. Then we take a look at the width of the jar we wish to pour into, and buy a range of different size wicks in different series that would possibly work with the width of the jar and type of wax were working with.
From that point it is trial and error. We test every wick option to make sure we get a good throw, a even melt pool every 4 hour burn, and little to no sooting. Then once we find a wick and wax combo we're happy with, and then we're done!


Believe it or not, a fragrance oil can impact how a wick performs. While a certain wick might do great for one scent, another one might clog the wick and hinder its ability to burn your candle properly. For each fragrance we wish to sell and make available, we have to pour a test candle and ensure its wicked properly.
Candle making can be fun and therapeutic, but its something we also take great care in when it concerns the safety of our customers and staff.

Well, that's it for this week's Wax Wednesday! I know it was a long one, but we hope you found it informative and enlightening into how your home fragrance goodies are created. What scents are you guys hoping to see in our line of candles?