Welcome! We're Bento Wax Co!

Hi there! 

If you've stumbled upon this blog, chances are you are a home fragrance lover, curious as to what home fragrance is, or you're already a part of the Bento family! 

A small introduction is definitely needed. We are Bento Wax Co! We're a small home fragrance business based out of Raleigh, NC where we are known for our sushi shaped wax that come in fun bento boxes! We are currently a company led by amazingly strong and creative women, where we make everything from wax melts and candles all the way to soap and body scrubs. 

This blog is our way of bringing you inside the thought process of our company: some how-to of what we do, the brain power behind it, and a more in depth explanation about some of our products. 
So join us as we talk about all things that smell good, share milestones of this great little company, and everything in between!