Made To Order Loaves

Made To Order Loaves

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20oz loaf fragranced in your choice of the following scents

---------------From The Signature Collections-------------
-Benny-Dynamite roll (fresh picked strawberries)
-Bennifer-Rainbow roll (strawberry raspberry & guava)
-Debu- Dem store bought cookies
-Hōyō- Lemon twist (lemon pie and sugar milk)
-Shokun-Gentlemens club (tobacco and blue sugar)
-Kanjō Triplets- Dirty pineapple (dirty lush type, and pineapple papaya)
-Midori- Green tea
-Ryo-Fizzy soda
-Satoshi- Sake to me (our secret fruity bubbly blend)
-Hashi Twins- Chamomile Rose (black chamomile and rose jam)
-Sumire- Violets mixed with sweet sage, lemongrass, and sweet jasmine
-Yuki Onna-A fragrance infused with essential eucalyptus, cornmint, cedarwood , & patchouli
-Futon Roll- Our best selling scent of all time, a blend of double lavender chamomile and bed time bath mixed with a dash of pink sugar
-Kurīn-Clean, white cotton mixed with olives, vine leaves, sea salt, & fresh mandarin juice (formerly called (Forget The Chores)

----------------Limited Time Wax Melts--------------------
-Aromatherapy Overload-Black currant tea & lemon mint leaf
-Fred Baby-Tobacco, cognac, vanilla, a touch of cherry, & peppermint
-Roses In the Oakmoss- fresh roses, oakmoss, sandalwood, woods, & amber
-Fresh Watermelon Candy-Watermelon, clean cotton, & cotton candy
-Peach Green Tea Mojito- Sweet ripe peaches, mixed with cold green tea, & a mint mojito
-Grandpa’s Pocket Candy-Strawberry, raspberry, guava, barbershop, & clean cotton
-Lucky Stars- Cotton candy & lavender
-Death Of A Bachelor-Plum, florals, vanilla, and amber

-Boxing Day Roll-Twilight, lord of misrule, and American cream
—————————New Bento Blends!——————————

-It Ain’t Me-Blackberry, lime, and basil
-Colour Me In-Rose, cherries, tonka bean, sandalwood, mixed with pink chiffon
-Topsail-Salty sea air, clean linens, with a bit of orange
-Poolside nap-Lavender, watermelon, & coconut,
-Candy Smile-Rice Krispy treats & lollipops
-Suntan- Our secret blend to recreate that famous summer time smell without having to apply suntan lotion
-Pink Lemonade Fizz