Preorder Loaves House Blends

Preorder Loaves House Blends

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Redonkulous: Apple cider, zucchini bread, coffee cake, & cinnamon bun

Peace Tree: The Olive Branch (lush type), apples, peaches, and cinnamon

Santa's Beard: A secret minty Bento Blend

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Zombie Brains: Juicy cherries & marshmallow

The Cozy Roll: Toasted marshmallow & sweater weather

Clean Shave: Barbershop & clean cotton

Monster Eyes: Calacas & juicy purple grapes

Beautiful Blue Box: Blueberry cotton candy frosting and peppermint

Blue Ridge Drive: Tobacco, Cognac, red maple leaves, & a touch of bergamot

Christmas Bribe: Frosted sugar cookies

Mallow Candy: Toasted marshmallow & candied apples

Reindeer Food: Peppermint candy mixed with fresh pine

Snow Relish: Snowcake & cranberry relish


The TAT on this product is six weeks.